Balingup Lavender Farm was first started with a trial area of some 15 varieties of Lavandula 'angustifolia' in 1998. From the results of this we chose five varieties on which to concentrate. These were selected for their suitability for use as cut flower, dried flower and oil-bearing properties.

As the trail patch was to become part of the Open Garden, it was laid out in a 'parterre' style. The landscaping began with pick and shovel and continued in the same way. 

In June 1999 the main production area was prepared and planted with over 3000 lavender. Garden landscaping continued adding deciduous trees understoreyed with lavender, shrubs and colourful perennials. Three olive groves and a cherry orchard form a backdrop to the lavender.

A garden studio also operates as an Art Gallery and lavender products shop selling produce made from lavender grown on the farm.

This is the first Production Farm in Western Australia producing its own 'Pure Essential Lavender Oil' distilled from Lavandula angustifolia.


Balingup Lavender Farm
PO Box 229, Balingup, WA 6253
Phone/Fax (08) 9764 1436